15 important articles on alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency


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to Todd Pierce in USA for bringing these articles to my knowledge, and for allowing me to use it here! Below is Todd’s comments as to the content, but to use the link you need to register at http://informahealthcare.com.

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«Below is a series of 15 articles available for free, written by the most distinguished AlphaDocs on this planet for The Journal of COPD. This is a feast of information!
(informahealthcare is the publisher of The Journal and is hosting the web presence)


(This link will take you to the Journal of COPD’s special issue, from here you can choose the articles you want and download them for free.)

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is the focus of the latest issue of the Journal of COPD. The special issue of the medical journal commemorates the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Alpha-1, with articles written by leading Alpha-1 clinicians and researchers.

The introduction is written by Robert Sandhaus, MD, PhD, clinical director of the Alpha-1 Foundation and medical director of AlphaNet, and James Stoller, MD, head of respiratory therapy and executive director, physician leadership development at Cleveland Clinic, and a member of the Alpha-1 Foundation’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee. Sandhaus is the editor of this issue of the Journal of COPD and Stoller is co-editor.

The Journal also carries landmark articles by Swedish researchers Carl-Bertil Laurell, MD, PhD, and Sten Eriksson, MD, PhD, who first described Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency in 1963; and Harvey Sharp, MD, of the University of Minnesota, who published the first paper describing Alpha-1-related liver disease in 1969.

Among other authors and topics:

* European researchers Robert Stockley, MD, of the UK, Asger Dirksen, MD, of Denmark, and Jan Stolk, MD, of the Netherlands, on “The European Experience” with Alpha-1.
* Jeffrey Teckman, MD, of St. Louis University, on current understanding and future therapy of Alpha-1 liver disease.
* Stoller and Mark Brantly, MD, director of the Alpha-1 Research Program at the University of Florida, on the challenge of detecting Alpha-1.
* David Lomas, MD, of the UK, a personal perspective called “Twenty Years of Polymers.”

Gene-based therapy, augmentation therapy, and an examination of “Neutrophil Elastase-Mediated Lung Disease” are among the other major topics covered.

Available for free!

All articles in this issue of Journal of COPD are available free to view or download. A log-in is required, but it is free, or you may use a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account to sign in.


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