The blog is not finished – it has just rested!


Resting a while is sometimes necessary  to digest all that life has to offer  for better or worse.  Therefore I have not written anything here for some months.

But first of all I wish every reader of this blog a good and relaxing Easter holiday!

What has happened the last few months?

First of all we needed to rest after all our calamities in Pitigliano. We needed to relate to my AlphaOne being cronically ill, and since we as a couple wanted a life that included travelling, we needed to find out how to deal with travelling. But what if this would happen and what if that would happen??? We needed to discuss the matter in all nuances.


Geirs employer had finally found him a better apartment, away from the most noisy crossroad in Oslo. Here he would have a garage space in the basement, elevator up to the apartment and even a veranda. So the first we had to do was to start on the moving process. Seven years of collecting stuff does not only apply to women! The new apartment was a lot nicer than the old one, and this new situation brought me into the thinking box as well.

More time together!

For me, realizing for the second time how quickly things could change from healthy to very ill, it was no longer satisfying  to live  in Koppang alone most of the week, waiting for a tired AlphaOne to come home on Friday only to leave just as tired on Sunday afternoon. So I decided to be the one to travel to find him in Oslo. I worked only three days a week and therefore we would have more days together if I went to him. So I went through some of my stuff to see what I could bring into the new place in Oslo to make it OUR home.

But then I suddenly discovered a job possibility I just had to grab – a fulltime job as information worker at LINK Oslo, a Center for Selfhelp and life mastering. So I applied – and got it! A miracle had happened – my first and not even planned attempt to look for a job had succeded!

Christmas and New Year

We had already booked tickets to Las Palmas before Italy – and now we had two good reasons to celebrate. New apartment + new job = new life!

Already in Italy we had decided not to let that lousy illness experience keep us from travelling. If we did our life would soon lack the quality and the colours we wanted. We decided to make sure for later travels that we were members of the airborne ambulance, that we had our travel insurances in order, that there was a hospital at or very near the destination, and not the least to make sure we brought along the paperwork showing Geir’s general values on «healthy» days and how they changed when he needed to go to the hospital.

And as to prove how correct our thinking was, this vacation went without troubles of any sort. We had a wonderful time, and for once my AlphaOne could breathe well and enjoy life – a life which included lazy days at the beach, long strolls and good meals. Our feeling of mastering the situation came back, and we were in a good mood when we came home. Me to slowly start out in the new job, and my AlphaOne to live at a place with no troubling stairs on troubled days.

A short stay in Paradise

After one week going to and from work by the subway, he started to feel lousy. So lousy that we decided the hospital had to be next stop for him. It turned out that he had gotten the swine flu  and the next day I was down with it as well. So now the idea of me visiting like a proper wife should,  did not hold water. I could not visit him at all, but while he was surrounded by white angels in a singelroom with full service,  I was left all alone in the double bed with no service whatsoever.  Now I began to understand the consequences of being the eternal AlphaTwo…. :- )

Back to normal again

Geir uses every opportunity to educate doctors and nurses about the mysteries of Alpha1 – some has some knowledge, some really have to read up, and some has never even heard about it and ask him to spell it for them…. This indicates the need of a lot more hospital stays – since this seem to be the only arena where doctors find the time to listen….Because they actually listen and give the best care possible.

Sadly this fact implies that it is necessary to be ill first – and that is not really tempting at all…

Death is a part of life

February was the month to get back on our feet again – but then March came along. To us it became the month of Death. First Geir’s mother, but she was 83 and had been sick for quite long and no recovery would have been possible. So this was a natural part of life we felt. Sad – but natural.

Then came the brutal death when a young man and close friend, a father to be in September, got killed in a car accident in Tanzania the day after we buried Geir’s mother. A week of mourning him was followed by more sad news.

Our   Alpha-1 friend Mario in Rome who had helped us so much when Geir was ill in Italy, had died after just a short illness, leaving his wife and three children behind.

This brought back the importance of keeping up the focus on alpha-1 antitrypsin defciency and the need of proper guidelines and testing. More on that later. Now we mourne our friend in Rome.


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